Friday Finds – Bonsai Pot

A combination of school holidays and two sick kids kept me house bound this week, not the best conditions for bargain hunting! I did however, sneak out and poke my nose into one thrift store, where I found a lovely dark blue glazed ceramic bonsai pot for only $2.00. No need to customise, it’s perfect as is. Here’s some of the ways it could be incorporated into my decor.

Here it is. I love the shape and colour of this pot. I already have quite a few pots of this colour in my garden.

In the kitchen, the pot makes a perfect spot to store cooking utensils.

It also makes a nice vase. As it isn’t watertight, I put the flowers in a small glass vase first, then put that into the pot.

In a perfect world, my son’s desk would be immaculate. And he’d store his pencils neatly in a lovely pot just like this one.

And finally, every now and then I use an item as it was actually intended. Not often mind you! Here’s the pot doing what it was made for, holding a sweet little plant.
Once again, many uses for a simple, inexpensive thrift store find. Raid your garden, do you have a pot that could be given a new life?


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