Colour Inspiration – White

White. Not technically a colour, but how could I not include it in my Colour Inspiration series? There are many, many shades of white. Just look at a paint colour chart. Cool whites and warm whites. Neutral and beautiful, white goes with everything. White walls are the perfect backdrop for showing off works of art. Here are some of my white thrifty finds, and how I use white in my decor.

This simple white lamp came from an inexpensive department store. I used to have two, but one had a nasty accident. Unfortunately I was unable to replace it so I have to be content with one. I think the base has a sixties feel, and it also works with lots of my different lamp shades.

My little $1.00 thrift store children’s chair makes a great display platform for a pile of magazines and a white vase.

This stack lives on my dressing table. The red cross tin holds my jewellery and came from a kitchen ware shop. The flower brooch resting on top was a sale item from a cheap jewellery chain, and only cost a couple of dollars.

I think every household has a set of these IKEA vases. I like to line mine up. As it’s the middle of winter here in Australia, I have no flowers in the garden, so a single leaf adds interest to this display.

I put pages from an old dictionary into these white frames for easy art. The dominos were a thrift store find. A nice combination of warm and cool whites. Some people don’t like to mix shades of white but I think it works well with little clusters of display items.

I like to display items in groups of three, each at a different height.

I love this group of pale art in white frames. The eye chart is a metal sign I bought from a gift shop. The girl artwork is from a book of post cards by Mark Ryden, one of my favourite artists.
These are arranged on a side board, but they would also look great hanging in a group in the wall.

Even an every day teacup can be repurposed as a vase.

And of course the white on white look works wonderfully in the bedroom, with a plain white quilt cover and pillow cases, white lamp and cushions of varying shades.The red bedside table adds a hint of colour to this otherwise monochromatic scheme.
I could go on all day about white, its just such a versatile colour to use in the home. I like to keep the items simple for a clean, unfussy look, but white can take on a shabby chic style as well. Think doilies, armfuls of white daisies, white enamel kitchenware, lace.
I really hope you are enjoying my blog. Feel free to give me feedback, comments and suggestions any time.


10 thoughts on “Colour Inspiration – White

  1. Have you seen the fantastic eye charts you can get at Ikea? I was so very tempted to get one but was a bit above my price range.

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