Scarves – Now What?

Lets talk about my love affair with scarves. I have accumulated quite a few thrift store scarves in my time. They are affordable, colourful, and versatile. What’s not to like? As well as wearing them, they can be great decorating items too. Here’s some ideas for what to do with your collection of scarves. Don’t have a collection? head to the thrift stores and see what gems you can uncover.

Scarves make great tablecloths, either individually on a small side table, or sewn together to form a large cloth for the dining table.

Here a long rectangular scarf makes a colourful runner on the coffee table.

Draped casually, this scarf adds colour to a chair. Chairs make great side tables and bed side tables too.

Thin scarves add a pop of colour when tied around lampshades.

This large scarf was cut to size then attached to a simple white drum lampshade with a hot glue gun.

Scarves make wonderful cushion covers. Here’s a riot of colour made from scarves either sewn into simple covers, or tied around existing cushions.

This colourful bed head was made by draping scarves along the top rail of a wrought iron bed. So easy and effective.

Why not add a hint of colour to a favourite handbag. Either coordinate or clash with your outfit.

Scarves have wonderful patterns that look great framed. Or, try stretching one over a canvas and attaching to the back with a staple gun. Easy and effective.

A long turquoise scarf makes a great bed runner, with a matching scarf tied to the cushion. They both work beautifully with the thrift store lamp shades.

Or, make a bedspread by sewing scarves together. Colourful and eclectic. The art above the bed is a framed scarf too.
There’s so many things you can do with scarves. Are you inspired? Do you have some scarves that could be doing double duty as decor in your home? I’d love to hear from you.


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