Friday Finds – Plastic Flowers

Council clean up is my favourite time of the year. Once a year everyone puts their junk out on the footpath for the council to take away. Sheds and garages get cleaned out, houses get decluttered, and all the treasures end up out on the street, where fabulous scavengers such as myself can rummage through looking for fabulous finds. People drive around with trailers, filling them up with scrap metal they can cash in, they pull apart old televisions looking for whatever valuables are inside. It’s great! Today’s friday finds are plastic flowers I pulled from a pile of junk destined for landfill. I have a bit of a sentimental soft spot for plastic flowers. My Nanna had a vase of them by her phone for years, and my sister and I used to have sword fights with them. I appreciate their kitch value, and I was very excited to find them.

I found about four stems like this. A yellow one, a peach coloured one, and two pinks.

I also found this beauty! There’s just something about it that I love. It’s the perfect colour and shape. They don’t make them like this anymore.

This amazing coat was a thrift store bargain I picked up last week. It’s black velvet with faux fur trim around the collar and the hem. Doesn’t my freebie plastic flower make a great brooch?

I gave the small plastic flowers a new life as fairy lights. I used a string of battery powered christmas tree lights, then removed the flowers from the stem and wired them to the lights with thin florist wire. They look really special in my daughter’s room, and make an interesting night light.
Not bad for someone’s trash!


One thought on “Friday Finds – Plastic Flowers

  1. I wish we had that done in our area! I remember my childhood home did this. Once a year everyone’s big ticket trash items went to the curb. It was like free for all shopping. I’m honestly considering asking our small town if they’d be willing to do this here again. Because of just that, the great finds you will get! + upcycling everything

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