Colour Inspiration – Blue

Blue comes in so many wonderful shades it’s difficult to choose just one favourite. I love pale blue. It looks wonderful with chocolate brown. It also looks great with red. Navy blue works well with white and lime green, and cobalt blue looks great with yellow. I’ve photographed some of my thrifty blue finds for you, as well as some ideas for using blue in your decor.

The blue suitcase I saved from landfill the other day makes a great pedestal for a stack of books with blue spines, and a thrift store tea glass filled with lavender. different shades of blue always work well together.

I got this amazing new tea towel from a church thrift store for only $3.00. I can’t decide if I should use it as a tea towel, or make a cushion cover out of it, or stretch it over a canvas. It’s such strong, graphic print. It’s one of my favourite thrift store finds so far.

An eclectic mix of blues. A paint colour chart, blue tea glass, blue pencils and small post cards. When I want to introduce a colour into my decor, I search the house, looking for any item in the colour I want. Then I gather them together, and consider how I can incorporate them into a display. Unusual, non traditional items often make the best decor.

I picked up a couple of these pale blue doilies last friday on my thrift store adventure with my cousin Keri. At only $2.00 each, they are a cheap way of bringing a feminine touch of blue to the bed side table.

A sweet dressing table display. Blue jewellery rests in a thrift store glass dish.

This cute canvas art was only $3.00. I’m going to hang it in my son’s room.

Here I’ve used a scarf, doily, brooch and hair clip to add some blue to cushions on the bed.
And don’t forget my favourite quick fixes. Paint colour swatches make easy, cheap art, and spray paint can transform anything!
I hope you are enjoying my blog so far. I’m always happy to hear your comments and suggestions.


5 thoughts on “Colour Inspiration – Blue

  1. We must be on a weird cousin psychic wave length thingie, as I brooched up one of my thrifty new Ikea cushions on Sunday! Looks fab.

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