Another Delicious Dome.

Yes, I’ve gone and bought two more cheese domes, bringing my grand total to three. As I mentioned in my Friday Finds – Needlepoint and Cheese Dome post a few weeks ago, I love the Victorian glass domed displays, but real display domes are expensive. I think the next best thing is the humble cheese dome. Picked up in thrift stores, these give the look that I want, without the price tag.

Here’s the two new acquisitions. Cheap and cheerful as you can see. I never use the plates, so they go straight back to the thrift store, it’s just the domes I’m after. After a good wash, they are ready for use.

Here’s all three being put to use as a slightly more interesting fruit bowl. The grapes and apples are sitting in thrifted glass plates.

Here’s a display of jewellery, given the Victorian touch. I needed a bit of height for the bottle holding the bangles, so I hunted around in my cupboard and found a large glass vase. Turned upside down it makes the perfect makeshift dome. There’s a tiny thrift store plate holding brooches, and the whole display is contained within a gold picture frame, also a thrift store find. It’s rare that I buy something new these days.

This magnificent book is called “Etcetera ETC. Creating Beautiful Interiors With The Things You Love” by stylist Sibella Court. It was a gift from my lovely children for Mother’s Day. If I could crawl into the pages of the book and live, I would. The gorgeous photographs in this book are the inspiration for my next display.

The Victorians displayed among other things, butterflies and taxidermy birds in their domes. Here, a piece of wrapping paper replicating a vintage butterfly poster, and a birds nest, are a nod to the Victorians, without quite as much death! A quirky reindeer statue, artist’s hand model, fabric flower hair clip, and small apothecary bottles complete the look. Sometimes you just need to be a bit silly. Decorating shouldn’t be serious, keep it fun.

7 thoughts on “Another Delicious Dome.

  1. Putting everything inside a frame is a nice touch. I might use that with my Scrabble tile project. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

    And the etc. book, I want. Is that a dust jacket or a stamped hardcover? It’s impressive. I don’t normally buy hardcover books, but that one’s going on my wishlist.

  2. I love those artists hands, I desperately want one so I can make it do metal hand and other silly things. I’m so mature!

    • Thanks Renea. I bought the butterfly paper in Melbourne. I love it so much. I had plans to cut the butterflies out and frame them individually, but it’s just too nice. I think I need a holiday in Melbourne to get another one!

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