Friday Finds – Book, Bottle and Scarf

I had a fabulous day today scavenging for treasures with my cousin Keri. We went to thrift stores I’ve never been to before, and I picked up some great finds. But, I want to save them for next week’s colour Inspiration. So, here’s just a small sample of the bargains I found this week.

I know, yet another penguin paperback. But I’m actually quite excited about this one because I’ve always wanted to read On the Road. And of course, it will slot in nicely with my ever growing orange book stack. The jar was a bargain buy, and I like it’s vintage feel. I also picked up a few scarves this week for an up and coming blog post.

Here’s a close up of one of the scarves. It’s a pretty floral square, with a nice silky fabric. And of course a bargain at only $2.00.

The jar makes a nice simple vase, filled here with some pretty purple flowers I found overhanging a neighbour’s fence.

Here’s the scarf being used as a tablecloth, with the jar of flowers and a thrift store plate holding beautiful green unripe passionfruit, picked from Keri’s back yard.

My fabulous thrifting day with Keri finished with a big bowl of hot chips, and a wander around her garden, where I picked a lovely bunch of lavender, and some delicious coriander (cilantro).
Thanks for the fun day Keri. I’m looking forward to raiding your house for a photo shoot very soon.


10 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Book, Bottle and Scarf

  1. It looks beautiful how you decorate the table with that cloth matching so well with the paint and also the flower jar!

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