Colour inspiration – Lime Green

Last week I asked the question, what colour should I choose for this weeks colour inspiration? Well, one of my readers, Renea, requested lime green, so lime green it is.
Lime green is a fun, happy colour. It works really well in children’s bedrooms, I love it with dark brown furniture and white walls, and it also looks glorious with hot pink. I rummaged around my thrifty belongings only to find I really don’t have that much lime green in my decor. I gave it some thought and have come up with simple, cheap ideas to bring lime green into your life.

Here’s my humble little kitchen. I like that it’s white, so I can accessorise with any colour. Here it is wearing green. The platter that the apples are sitting on was a lucky side of the road find. Someone was getting rid of wine making equipment. There were crates and crates of bottles (I resisted), plus bits and pieces of wine barrels, including this base. I have plans to sand it down and make it into a cheese board, but for now it’s beautifully rustic. There’s also a 99 cent thrift store crate painted lime green, holding cook books, and a window sill display of clear and white vases, lanterns and green leaves from the garden for a pop of colour.

Here’s a detail of the window sill display. Just pile up vases, bottles and jars, tall at the back and short at the front, in colours that work together. Add leaves or flowers. Simple and eye catching.

You don’t need to fill your vases with flowers all the time, beautiful foliage is just as effective when you want a hint of green.

Here’s a little display to bring some green into the bathroom. Repurposed bottles holding single nasturtium leaves look lovely with a bottle of green buttons.

Here’s the bedroom with a green makeover. I’ve had this blanket since I was little, but blankets like these can be found easily at thrift stores. The cushion cover is make from some inexpensive material I bought from IKEA a couple of years ago. I’ve changed to a simple wooden bed side table and white lampshade, and the art on the wall is a paint colour chart.

I see lots of designers using lime green with orange. I personally don’t like them together, but I thought I’d show you how they look. Here’s the thrift store orange crochet rug that I love, a stack of orange books, and an orange IKEA cushion, all clashing wildly with the touches of green.

Remember the button and dictionary page artwork I made here? Well, doesn’t it look great with the paint chart artwork and a couple of paint colour swatches? Easy art to add colour to the walls.

Fruit is a great way to add colour to a scheme. Green apples look amazing here in a hot pink resin bowl. Or you could try limes, or green pears, or even green chillies.

Lime green also looks lovely with purple. They make a great colour scheme in a child’s room. Here are some small purple Moroccan tea glasses, one holding some glorious lilac from my garden, sitting in the green crate from the kitchen.

And of course, a thrift store scarf is a cheap and easy way to bring colour into your home. They are great if you want to try out a new colour, without having to commit to expensive items. The jars on the mantel are holding grass. I grabbed a handful from the back yard. Talk about easy!

Finally, I’d like to thank my “assistant” Sydnee. My two and a half year old daughter. Her dedication to spreading hundreds of buttons all over the house was invaluable.


11 thoughts on “Colour inspiration – Lime Green

  1. LOOOOVE the apples in the hot pink bowl. And Miss Syd’s button art! Someone was throwing out wine stuffs and you didn’t call me!? For shame, for shame! See you tomorrow for some thrifty goodness, and perhaps some hot chips!

  2. I’m here!! Thank you for giving me some green inspiration!! Unlike you I think orange and green look FABULOUS together! haha! i think green goes with every colour on the planet. Love your bedroom makeovers. I also think you are so clever to think of putting something as simple as blades of grass in a line of amber bottles; so effective!
    Your wine barrel platter is a wonderful find too!

    • I’ve tried really hard to like green and orange together, but it just doesn’t work for me. A billion television design programs can’t be wrong though!
      Jay rolled his eyes when he saw the blades of grass in vases. He just doesn’t get it! ha ha!
      And I love the wine barrel platter. I was so excited to find it.

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