Five Minute Craft Project

So there I was, bored on a saturday night, and in need of a bit of a craft fix. I had a look around the house for potential craft project material, and here’s what I came up with.

The supplies – a tall clear glass vase, a short white glass vase, a half used candle in a glass holder, two tea light candles, and a piece of thrifted dress pattern.
I cut strips of the pattern, wrapped them around the vases and secured with double sided tape. I then placed the candles in the vases, lit them, turned off the lights, and stood back to admire my craftiness.

So pretty, atmospheric, and easy. This project took me about five minutes. You could use old newspaper, or pages from an old book, or even wrapping paper, or tracing paper that your kids have drawn on. Be creative.

And of course, they look great as vases during the day.
Craft fix sorted!


10 thoughts on “Five Minute Craft Project

  1. I love it. I have so many glass candle holders thanks to my obsession with The Naked Candle (shameless plug!) I think I’ll be pinching this idea.

  2. This is such a cool idea. Unique and inexpensive is great. I’m stealing it if I can find a big old dictionary with thin pages. Lining up a choice word (candle or flame, perhaps?) right where the flame is brightest would be a cool effect. The page with kitchen in the kitchen, bathroom in the bathroom, etc. You could even make a copy of the page on light paper to keep the book intact. Yes, I am stealing this.

    Do you think clear laminate/contact paper over the paper of choice would work? I’m wondering if the heat from a tealight would be enough to soften the adhesive.

    • I love the idea of choosing certain words, very clever! I have a dictionary that I use for craft projects all the time. I bought it cheap from a thrift store. It’s old enough to have yellowing pages, but not so old that tearing it apart would be a crime. I think clear contact would probably work. I’ll have to experiment with the heat. I’d love to see photos of your results. I’m planning on making some more, and I’ll definitely blog the results.

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