Colour Inspiration – Brown

Brown is beautiful. Think of all the glorious shades of brown out there – chocolate, coffee, cream, toffee. A delicious colour indeed! It’s a fabulous neutral that works with many colours. Some of my favourite combinations are chocolate brown with pale blue, lime green or hot pink. The browns are warm colours that add cosiness to your room in winter.

Here’s my brown wooden frame from last week’s friday finds. The chocolate brown colour is lovely with a framed blackboard, and a framed piece of dress pattern I bought for 50 cents a few weeks ago.

The top photo is my bed dressed in brown. A chocolate faux fur rug is folded at the foot of the bed, and a thrift store scarf tied to a cushion brings a hint of turquoise which matches the thrifted lampshades. The bed side table is chocolate brown wood, as is the lamp base and bed head.
In the bottom photo, a pile of cushions are revamped with scarves in brown and blue tones.

Above the bed I’ve hung the brown wooden frame in which I’ve put a paint colour chart. Free from the hardware store, paint colour swatches are a Fabulous Scavenger’s best friend!

Most of my large pieces of furniture or chocolate brown. They can then work with whatever scheme I’m loving at the time. Here’s my leather lounge, next to a wooden side table. It’s holding jars of wooden scrabble tiles and print blocks, and a piece of ribbon I recycled from gift wrap. I save everything – wrapping paper, gift tags, ribbon, cards. I look at everything and try to see the potential for reuse.

Speaking of gift tags. These were attached to some clothing bought for my daughter. They are simple brown card with a string attached. Tags can be attached to anything.

Here’s one attached to a recycled jar, filled with daisies picked from the local shopping centre car park. I printed the name of the flowers on the tag for a bit of fun. This little display cost me nothing.

Sticks from the tree in the front yard look great in a recycled jar, with my 50 cent printer’s blocks and a piece of framed gift wrap. A cheap and cheerful display.

I’ve used a little blackboard made from a thrift store frame as a tray, holding lovely little brown bits and pieces. A thrifted glass dish holding shells and stones, a leaf, a side of the road find bottle with a flower, and a tiny postcard.

A $2 thrift store scarf in a coffee colour is used a runner on my mantel, on which I’ve displayed framed gift wrap, a tiny essential oil bottle holding a daisy, and ornate keys.

Here’s my side board filled with beautiful brown finds. I’m using the pianola roll I bought for $5 at a thrift store as a table runner.

Here’s a display that I love. A cheap anatomy poster framed in a plastic IKEA frame, a stack of brown hued books, a jar of lovely textured walnuts, and the bird’s nest I found in the front yard.

This wooden box on the wall contains our electricity meter. I’ve jazzed it up with some bottles on top, and paint colour swatches stuck in a grid pattern to the front. Look at all the beautiful browns.

And finally, here’s brown looking great with pink, and lime green.
Isn’t brown a versatile, warm, lovely colour? I have a lot of it in my house, it’s the perfect neutral. I hope you’re enjoying my colour inspiration series. If anyone has a colour request, just let me know.


3 thoughts on “Colour Inspiration – Brown

  1. Love it!! You’re so right; brown looks stunning with so many colours. I love your little cushion on the bed, completely tied in the scarf! It looks great đŸ™‚
    As for colour, I know you’ve done turquoise but would love to see what you could come up with for green, particularly lime green or say the colour of the pretty leaves you have in some of your amber bottles. x

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