One Table, Three Ways

While out for a walk with my daughter, I found this little table on the side of a busy road. I carried it back home on top of my little girl’s pram. Yes, I got a few strange looks, but I saw the potential in it’s nice simple shape and perfect size. How could I leave it behind? It was a rusty orange colour, which was OK, but I knew red would make it shine. Two coats of spray paint transformed it into a versatile piece that I can use all over the house.

As you’ve seen from previous posts, I use it as a bed side table. With a thrift store lamp shade and bottles as decoration, it looks great with a matching red cushion on the bed.

As a side table next to the lounge it’s great for holding books and magazines on it’s shelf, and the top surface could hold a lamp, or drinks, snacks etc as seen here. Again, the red looks awesome with the red cushion on the lounge chair.

And here it is in the bathroom, providing extra towel storage, and a great place to rest your Champagne while you’re soaking in the bath. Brilliant! Not bad for a freebie.


8 thoughts on “One Table, Three Ways

  1. More gorgeous ideas!! I have big plans this weekend. I just bought pots of paint in red, orange and yellow – I’m going to paint my 3 timber chairs in these sunny shades. I also bought a tub of ‘Gentle Jade’ for the long chest of drawers I bought last weekend! Photo’s shall be yours! 🙂 Thanks for all the inspiration x

    • I would love to! My advice is to pull everything you own out of the cupboards, have a massive clean out and donate all the things you no longer love or need to the thrift stores, then rethink the items you’ve kept. Can you revamp them?, use them in different ways?. I’m constantly rearranging things, rehanging art, changing the colour scheme. Oh, and I do love spray painting things too! Good luck!

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