Friday Finds – Frame, Tea Glasses and Scarves

I’ve got a handful of sweet new thrift store finds to show you this week. I didn’t do too much shopping this week, but I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of bargains.

The old wooden frame was only $6. I really like the colour. I find that prices on frames fluctuate wildly in thrift stores. Some, (the ones I buy) are dirt cheap. Others are outrageously over priced. This one is a good size however and I snapped it up.
I also found two dark blue Moroccan tea glasses for only $1 each. I love tea glasses and have a collection, so these are the perfect addition.
And the two scarves were $2 bargains. I love polka dots, so the red one is perfect for wearing in my hair or around my neck. The green one is a very Kitch fifties style Fiji souvenir scarf.

I really should have ironed it before taking the photo, but I’m sure you won’t judge me too harshly! Isn’t it fabulous!

Until I can decide what artwork to put in the frame, I’m using it empty as part of a display. The tea glasses make cute little vases and the blue looks amazing next to the amber vase I introduced to you on wednesday.

The frame also looks good behind a display which includes a tea glass, a water bottle and one of my side of the road spice bottles.

The red spotty scarf makes a great table runner.

I also like it tied around a simple cushion to change it’s look. Scarves make great cushion covers, but more about that another time.

Here’s the Fiji scarf looking lovely as a cushion cover.
What do you think? Some cute, inexpensive finds to brighten up my decor. What bargains have you found this week? Any side of the road freebies? I’d love to hear from you.


10 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Frame, Tea Glasses and Scarves

  1. Once again you have inspired me… I would have never thought to grab scarves and use them in decorating. They are so fabulous so why not?! I will never walk past a kitch souvenir scarf again 🙂 Thanks xx

    • I think scarves are a great thrift store find. They are always cheap and plentiful. I love the really kitch ones like the Fiji scarf. it’s the most lovely green colour. I’m a fan of table runners too.

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