Colour Inspiration – Amber

Today is brought to you by the colour amber. A lovely warm, not quite yellow, not quite brown, not quite orange colour seen a lot in retro glassware. I seem to be gathering a nice little collection of amber glass. It’s been cheap and easy to find in every thrift store I’ve ever been into. It’s not that popular anymore, but I think it’s time for a revival!

Here’s a glass water jug found at a thrift store, with glasses bought from a market. These look awesome on the table at classy vintage dinner parties!

Here’s a lovely little display of amber treasures. The amber jewellery was a 21st birthday gift. I’ve never seen amber jewellery in a thrift store, but I live in hope. Also seen are a glass plate, a cube tea light holder, and a seriously retro vase. All inexpensive finds. (think 2 to 5 dollars each)

Here’s a photo of the beautiful plate. This looks great holding lovely little cakes.

This bottle holder is a repurposed IKEA candle holder that I’ve had for years. The bottles held herbal medicines and essential oils. A quick wash and the labels soaked off, and now they make great vases. I’ve seen versions of this made with wood with holes drilled in to hold bottles, but mine was way cheaper. I’m considering painting it, maybe a nice turquoise colour, but I haven’t decided yet. Watch this space my friends.

Here’s the tea light holder and the “so ugly it’s cute” vase.

Again these are repurposed herbal medicine bottles that I’ve made labels for. I’ve got a post planned with info on making labels for your bottles, so stay tuned. I like the vintage apothecary jar feel.
What do you think of amber glassware? In my experience people either love it or hate it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this or any of my blog posts.


2 thoughts on “Colour Inspiration – Amber

  1. I love your collection! I hadn’t thought much about amber glass but I do think it looks wonderful together so I’ll be keeping my eye out for it. You’ve already previously inspired me to soak the labels off essential oil jars and I just love your ‘so ugly it’s cute’ vase!!
    Great post Sam!

    • Yay! Glad you like it Renea. I think you’ll find it’s pretty easily available, people stopped liking amber glass years ago. I can’t understand it really. And that vase really is something else isn’t it! I’m glad you liked the post.

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