Spirit Level Coat Rack

Remember the fabulous vintage spirit level I picked up from a church thrift store? Well as promised I’ve come up with an inexpensive craft project. I turned it into a coat rack.

Here’s the spirit level. It’s wooden with what looks like brass fittings, and it’s stamped “Made in Birmingham”. It only cost me $4 from a church thrift store.

I picked up these old hooks a few weeks ago from a market. They cost me $5 for the lot. I chose hooks that were all different. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with them when I bought them, but I figured they would come in handy eventually.

I grabbed some wood screws from my tool box, spaced the hooks evenly along the length of the spirit level, then screwed them in place. I attached picture wire to the back by hammering a small nail to either end then winding the wire around them.

Here it is holding thrift store scarves. It would be great to hang necklaces on too. I could always add more hooks if I needed more hanging space.
A successful, easy project that looks great. You could also do this with a plank of wood. I’m always seeing lengths of wood on the footpath that people have thrown out. The more weathered the better.
So maybe it’s time to raid the shed and see what treasures lurk within. Do you have a coat rack just waiting to happen?


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