Friday Finds – Children’s Chairs

I’ve been lucky enough to find, on two separate occasions, children’s chairs on the side of the road. Yes, they are very tatty and trashed, but I had to have them.

Here’s three of the four chairs I have. I also have another one the same as the red one on the right. They have lots of character and couldn’t just drive by and leave them. No, they had to be rescued. My husband and son rolled their eyes when I pulled over and loaded them into the boot, but they just don’t understand what it means to be the Fabulous Scavenger!
Now, what to do with them…….

Here they are holding stacks of magazines at the end of the bed.

This red one makes a cute little side table in the lounge room, holding a pile of books.

Here the red chair makes a quirky display platform for some bottles.

Of course a child’s chair looks good in a child’s room, as a nice little spot to read to dolly.

And sometimes a chair is just a chair!

And finally, here they are in the garden, being used as little pedestals for pot plants.
Not bad for side of the road freebies! So don’t just drive by when you spot a potential treasure on the side of the road. Have a peek and use your imagination. Could you repurpose it in your home and save it from landfill?


7 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Children’s Chairs

      • Yes, it would have been such a waste. They certainly have a lot of character and there’s nothing like finding something with great potential on the side of the road. Congrats again!

  1. love this Sam (what post of yours don’t I love??) I have 3 old chairs in my bedroom – not kid sized though. This blog post inspires me to paint them and make better use of them. One is my bedside table which i like, but they could all do with a makeover!

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