Colour Inspiration – Silver

Another metallic this week. Silver is gorgeous, and vintage silver is even better. A bit tarnished, a bit beaten up, and a bit fabulous! I’ve included mirror in this colour group too. I have lots of silver bits and pieces around the house. Some thrift store finds, some bought new, some gifts, and I always find it easy to sneak a little bit of silver into a display. It’s neutral tone goes with any colour, so it’s very versatile.

This tray was a side of the road find. It’s holding a glass vase that looks a bit like vintage mercury glass, which I love by the way! My garden is a bit short on flowers at the moment, so this isn’t the most inspiring bouquet, but the colour looks great with the silver. The little beaten silver bowl was a cheapie, and as you know, the trophy was a $4 thrift store find and the little mirror on the wall was a super cheap thrift store find too. A nice little silver display.

Sitting on my cute little mirror is a silver candle stick, a key found in a cupboard on the side of the road, and a little silver vase that used to hold a candle. Here it is holding the last of the season’s roses from my garden.

The hardware on my thrift store suitcase brings a hint of silver into the bedroom where it’s displayed.

Here’s a silver display on the mantel. There’s all sorts of silver treasures here, including a large Indian tray – a gift from my husband, a disco ball, and a Buddha head. An eclectic mix indeed but it all works.

Why not bring out your silver jewellery and display it to add a touch of silver to your scheme. The diamante bracelet was given to me a lovely lady I used to work for. It’s gorgeously vintage and she wore it to her Debutante Ball. Bangles look great over the neck of a bottle, and the whole display looks lovely resting on a small mirror.

One of my favourite thrift store finds ever is this dressmaker’s mannequin. I’d been searching for one for ever when one day I was standing at the counter of a thrift store, turned to leave and there she was! Someone had dropped this little gem into the store seconds before! I nearly fainted with excitement! She has the perfect figure that I could only dream of having, and she’s great for displaying clothes and jewellery.
This little top has silver thread running through it, and looks great with the silver jewellery.
Do you like silver? Do you decorate with it at your place? I’d love to know what you think of this colour or any of the other colours I’ve featured.


12 thoughts on “Colour Inspiration – Silver

  1. Love it! I bought some gorgeous silver items from my last visit to the op shop. One is a sort of cake stand but it has more of a bowl shape and it’s filled with dry, coloured autumn leaves! LOve the mirrors and how you use them!

  2. If you have a skinny and long rectangular mirror you’d like to donate to your cousin I know she would be very grateful!!! xx

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