Gold Picture Frames – Now What?

I like picture frames, and I can’t resist having a rummage whenever I see a pile of them at the thrift store. Lately I’ve been attracted to gold frames, and now I have quite a collection. Here’s a few ideas for what to do with gold picture frames, or any frames really.

Here’s a selection of frames, leaning against the wall on my sideboard. They don’t need art, they are decorative enough to stand alone.

Here’s a view of the whole side board. On the left I’m using a gold frame as a tray, holding a selection of thrifty finds. The little post cards on the wall serve two purposes. They help to draw the eye up, and they also hide the dirty marks on the wall!

As you know by now, I love stacks of books. Here I’ve displayed magazines and books on gold picture frames on the coffee table. I’ve thrown in a few silver items too because I think mixing gold and silver looks fabulous!

Remember the 50 cent sewing pattern I bought from a thrift store a couple of weeks ago? Well here it is framed and on the wall. A quirky look that works well with my printer’s tray and vintage suitcase. To lift the neutral colour scheme, I’ve introduced a splash of colour with a vase of flowers. I chose a round vase as a contrast to all the straight lines in this display. Vintage newspaper or pages from a vintage magazine would look great framed this way too.

In my dream house, (an old, converted warehouse space) I would have a whole wall painted with blackboard paint, and it would be covered in shopping lists, children’s art, and little artistic renderings from when the mood strikes me. However, the reality is I live in a three bedroom rental in the suburbs and I have no chance of getting that wall. So, here’s the next best thing. A wall of small blackboards made from vintage gold frames. I can add to this as I pick up new frames. It doesn’t take long to slap a bit of black board paint on the backing board of a frame, so they are easy to make en masse.
So there you have it. Leaning on the wall, used as a tray, on the coffee table, filled with paper dress patterns, or hung as little blackboards. Which idea is your favourite?


8 thoughts on “Gold Picture Frames – Now What?

  1. I love what I see! My stupid computer isn’t showing me half the photo’s so I will have to revisit this post another time. You’re little blackboard wall is a wonderful!

    • Oh no! I hope the photos load up, if not let me know and I’ll email them to you. I think the black board wall is a good way of using all the frames I have accumulated. And it’s a constantly changing and evolving art work every time someone writes or draws on them.

      • i’d love you to email them! The first one loaded but the next five haven’t. I can see your fab blackboard wall; i love it! The Mexican Restaurant i was in today had gold frames with blackboards on the wall too, looked great!

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