Friday Finds – Map, Printer’s Blocks and Scrabble Tiles

I’m very excited about this weeks friday finds. One glorious item was given to me, and the others were bought new, but at a bargain price. I try not to buy new wherever possible, but when I love the item, and the price is right I just can’t say no.

My Dad got this map from work years ago. I remember it as a child, and I’ve always loved it. So, when I asked him if I could hang it in my house, I was thrilled when he said yes. I love the colours, I love the heavy canvas fabric, I love everything about it. I’ve looked for maps for years in thrift stores without success, so this is a treat.

The lidded jar on the left was on sale at a department store. I loved it and after agonising over whether I should buy a new item, I decided to just do it! At $12 It wasn’t breaking the bank. The jar on the right was $3 from a discount store. They look great together, and at $3, I may have to go back and buy more.

I’ve been searching for scrabble tiles for ages but thrift stores just don’t seem to have them. I finally got onto Ebay and found 100 tiles for $13. They arrived yesterday and I’m very pleased with them.

And finally the most exciting find of all. As you may know I love typography, and I adore printer’s blocks. Unfortunately they are really expensive, and the only store I’ve ever seen them in had them at $5 each for the small, up to $12 for the larger ones. Now it would be ok if I only wanted one, but I wanted a stack, so that was way out of my budget. Yesterday I was having a peek inside one of my favourite stores (Typo) and I found these printer’s blocks on sale for only 50 cents each. I did a little victory dance on the spot!
So, what did I do with this little collection of lovelies?

Easy. Map on the wall, scrabble tiles in one jar, printer’s blocks in the other. Walnuts in my large glass jar (because I like to display things in clusters of three). Very effective I think.

Of course if you want a bit of colour, this vintage bottle holds a little branch of flowers I picked from the thrift store car park. I may not have found anything in the store today, but I still managed to find some flowers.
Even if I haven’t spent a cent, I rarely come home empty handed.


16 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Map, Printer’s Blocks and Scrabble Tiles

  1. Love the scrabble tiles, I can get them from my bead supplier if you ever need more. They make funky bits of bling too =)

  2. Awesome Scores …. I am still tying to decide which of the old school maps I found the other day… and I saw the typo letters on their website, but I am off to sydney this weekend so I will look in person… and who doesn’t love scrabble letters….

    • Isn’t it fabulous! I think this map would have to be at least thirty years old. I never see them in thrift stores here, so I’m so glad my Dad gave it to me. Now I need to raid my parent’s house to see what other treasures they may have! ha ha!

  3. love what you’ve done with the jars, they look awesome! I really love the map and the fact it was your fathers really appeals to my sentimental nature šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Renea. I think I need more of these jars. $3 is a bargain, and the shop is in the shopping centre where I work. Hmmm, may have to pop in tomorrow! I’m sure Dad has other maps. I’m going to have to pay my parents a visit I think!

  4. thefabulousscavenger: I found this searching google for Scrabble projects and I’m hoping you can tell me what size jar you have the Scrabble tiles in? I’m trying to estimate what size jar and how many tiles I’ll need for an upcoming project. Since I know your jar has 100 tiles at what looks about half full, finding out the size would really help me out. Thanks!

    • I’m so glad you found my blog. I’d be happy to help. The jar, without the lid, is 14 cm high. (about 5 and a half inches) and it’s inside diameter is about 8cm. (a bit over 3 inches). I hope this helps. Good luck with the scrabble tile project. I’d love to see it when it’s done!

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