Reader Request – Red Art Wall

One of my amazing readers mentioned in a comment that she’d like a red feature wall. So I created a little something for some red inspiration. Kelly, this ones’s for you!

Just some inexpensive frames and wooden letters I spray painted red, with art postcards by my favourite artists. The large picture frame used to be black, but the glass broke recently so I gave it a face lift and painted it red. I think it looks good hung on the wall with the other red frames. Imagine a pink art wall in a little girl’s room, or red frames filled with black and white photographs. If you can imagine it, you can create it.


10 thoughts on “Reader Request – Red Art Wall

  1. Awesome! Using the large frame like that is brilliant and I just live that gorgeous red glass candle holder!

    • Thankyou, the frame was just too good to throw away. I’ve painted the backing board with blackboard paint, so it may end up as a notice board somewhere. The red candlestick was a birthday present from my sister in law Shelly a few years back. I love it too!

  2. Brilliant, ever thought of a career as a “store front window scape designer”? Not sure how one would go about breaking into that biz, but you’d have an ace portfolio.

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