Home Tour – Shelly, Jess and Dana’s Place.

Today’s post is a fabulous treat my friends! My Sister in Law Shelly, her two sons, my Sister in Law Jess, and her Husband Dana all live together in a fabulous house filled to the brim with vintage and retro treasures. Every time I go there I’m greeted with an explosion of colour and happiness, and I felt I needed to share it with you. The following photos are a small snapshot of the lovely sights that await you when you open the door.

Sunlight floods through the kitchen window, and there’s always a quirky collection of objects perched on the window sill, catching the light. Today there’s brown glazed seventies pottery, amber glass bottles, flowers, and pebbles and shells from a beach holiday, among other things, all displayed in a casual cluster.

The orange bar stools parked at the kitchen bench are one of my favourite things in the house! I love their shape and colour. Above the chest of drawers is an artwork by a friend, plus a painting by Shelly’s youngest son, cards and a silver tin heart. An eclectic collection of shapes and colours that just work.

This little shelving unit was picked up on the side of the road, and now looks great on the kitchen bench for extra storage. The clock was a side of the road find as well! The bamboo jug and tumblers were picked up at a church thrift store.

Two of these incredible chairs create a seating area in the lounge room. Shelly was lucky enough to have been given them as a gift. I love the colour and the curvy shape.

The crazy art wall has a quirky mix of thrift store finds, photos, an album cover, side of the road finds, and children’s art. There’s plenty of space to add to it as new artworks are acquired. Jess is always on the look out for new thrift store masterpieces. The amber glass ball light fitting on the right was a lucky find on the street during council clean up.

The entrance hall is a riot of colour. The book cases were freebies, and look great stacked with a mixture of books and ornaments. The artwork includes some creations by the children, and look cheerful and bright hanging on the wall.

Heres Jess having a sneaky peek! This lovely chest of drawers with a bright, interesting display of retro objects on top greets you as you walk in the door. And what can I say about that textured red and clear glass vase? It just screams retro!

Look how lovely Shelly’s collection of hair clips look attached to lengths of ribbon.

A simple wooden coat hanger makes for great scarf storage.

A sweet collection of red paper lightshades suspended above the bed makes a colourful display. Shelly’s gorgeous dresses look fabulous hanging on the curtain rod, with the light shining through the fabric.

Jess and Dana’s open clothing rack is filled with the most glorious collection of vintage and retro fashion I’ve ever seen. I’m insanely jealous!

A visual feast! The jewellery box in the top photo was found last week on a very successful thrift store trip I took with Jess. It even plays music and has a little dancing ballerina!

Everywhere you look, there’s glorious little displays of items, like the stack of books by the bed, and the glass bowl filled with buttons resting on a retro sideboard with a red painted top.

These scarves in a range of rainbow colours are strung above the bed to create an informal bedhead. A little collection of photographs adds even more colour.

Imagine having brunch in this little courtyard garden, sitting at a vintage table, eating off fabulous crockery, or perhaps lounging on the bench seat with a granny rug to keep you warm.
What do you think? Am I right that this is the most charming, colourful, beautiful house ever! It’s a perfect example of living with thrifty treasures and enjoying them everyday. Great big hugs and kisses to you Shelly, Jess and Dana, for inviting me into your fab home and letting me share it with the world.

Jess writes a wonderful blog called Other Such Things, and I credit her for encouraging me to start writing my own. Thanks Jess. X


8 thoughts on “Home Tour – Shelly, Jess and Dana’s Place.

  1. you are absolutely right! Love everything! Particularly the bar stools and i’m partial to that lovely red goblet in the entry šŸ˜‰ I also happened to notice the gorgeous mixing bowl full of walnuts because I have one exactly the same!
    Some really wonderful ideas to be had from this post such as the hairclips on a length of ribbon; love love!! I will be doing that immediately for my girls.

    • Isn’t it the best home ever! Those walnuts came from my neighbour’s tree. They are delicious, and they look great in that bowl don’t they!
      The hair clips are fabulous on the lengths of ribbon. Make sure you take a photo if you do it with your girls’ clips. Thanks again for checking out the blog!

  2. p.s….. I saw Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief in there, one of my fave books ever and I feel the need to mention I’m very good friends with his brother and sis in law (which in the grand scheme of things means nothing because I’ve never met Markus…but I might!! hahaha) x

  3. You should definitely borrow it, it’s a fabulous read!
    I will send you photo’s of the ribbons for sure šŸ™‚

  4. Samantha! These photos are gorgeous!

    wow, you really made me realise just how thrifted/recycled our house is. I love it!

    Thank you for coming over, and making everything look so pretty.

    Sometimes I feel like we live in mess world, but seeing it all like this makes me realise how happy I am to live in such a colourful eclectic house.

    The picture of our open wardrobe made me have a little chuckle. It looks like a clothing monster vomited it all out. In a good way.


    • Hi Jess! Thankyou for visiting my blog! I’m so glad you like it! I had a wonderful day photographing your house, and I think your crazy wardrobe would have to be my favourite bit! It’s pure fabulousness – just like you!

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