Colour inspiration – Gold

This week’s colour is gold. A little bit of gold can add a fabulous vintage feel to your decor. It can be ornate, like an old lamp base, or sleek like a smooth brass picture frame. You don’t need much to make an impact either.

I’ve got quite a collection of dirt cheap thrift store gold frames. I plan on featuring them in a future blog post. They look great leaning casually against a wall. They don’t even need art, just the frame is enough.

Here’s the little round table that I picked up on the side of the road during a council clean up. It’s gold trim and legs adds a subtle hint of colour. The lamp base is also gold, as are the labels on the replica apothecary bottles.

Here’s that lamp base. It isn’t a flashy gold. It’s subtle and aged, which I think looks better in a vintage scheme.

It’s easy to come across vintage gold costume jewellery at a good price. Here’s a selection of thrift store bling resting on an old recipe file.

I love my thrift store gold brocade bed spread. It adds vintage glamour too the bedroom with its lovely pattern and fringing. Again it’s a subtle gold, rather than flashy.

Here’s my fabulous gold lamp shade, one of two I picked up for about $2 at the thrift store. I was so excited when I found these. I adore the shape, and although I wasn’t mad about the colour at first, it grew on me very quickly when I set them up next to the bed.

My spice bottles, a side of the road find, have lovely gold labels that add a touch of colour to a display.
Do you like gold? I was never really a fan, until I discovered it didn’t have to be bright and shiny. Aged, muted gold is a delicious addition to any decor. And don’t be afraid to mix metals. Any of these items would look great displayed with old tarnished silver, or pewter, for example. Mix it up and shine!


4 thoughts on “Colour inspiration – Gold

  1. I agree! I wouldn’t normally take much notice of gold but I have a gorgeous big print in my bedroom in an ornate gold frame that just looks perfect and changes the whole look of the room. Nice post Sam! I really love the idea of them empty frames for decoration too!

    • Thanks Renea. I seen to collect so many op shop frames, and the art is usually terrible. I just keep the frame! I’ve been photographing for a new post all about gold frames today. Just one more project then it will be ready!

    • I like the thrill of the chase with thrift shopping. You may visit ten times and find nothing, but the next time you come out loaded up with treasures! I’ve got about five that I visit regularly. I’ve definitely had some lucky finds lately.

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