Thrifty Bedheads – Part 1

I’ve got so many ideas for creating bedheads out of found and thrifted items, that I am writing two parts. It’s easy to create a whole new look just by changing your bedhead. I’ve chosen four ideas today to inspire you. Each one is easy and affordable.

This is the headboard I have at the moment. It’s made up of two wooden mirror frames. I like that they are both different shapes, but the colour of the wood ties them together, creating a harmonious look.

This headboard is created with two large, empty IKEA picture frames. I simply rested them on the floor, with the bed holding them in place. I like the juxtaposition of the simple frames with the girly cushions and ornate gold thrift store bedspread at the end of the bed.

This is one of my favourites. I love typography, and this selection including inexpensive wooden letters I bought from a $2 shop, small canvasses, metal letters and signs, with a large canvas I bought for half price makes a striking, graphic headboard. All of these items were very inexpensive, you could even paint your own canvasses. It would look lovely with pale pink letters above a girls bed. In fact, I may show variations on this theme in part two. I used a selection of cushions on the bed that match the colours of the letters, and arranged them in a haphazard way. Very effective.

And heres a bit of silliness just for fun. A collection of cheap glitter postcards tacked to the wall in a rough headboard shape. I think they look cute, and a bit frivolous. I used my turquoise lamp as it’s a bit silly too! I rested it on platform of books in colours that match the postcards. A five minute style update that looks fabulous. You could also use photographs, maybe all black and white, or cut out rectangles of wrapping paper. The possibilities are endless for this idea. I’ll show more suggestions in the next headboard post.

What do you think? Could you maybe repurpose some of the items in your home and create one of these looks? I’d love to know what you think. Stay tuned for more bedhead ideas.


4 thoughts on “Thrifty Bedheads – Part 1

    • I’m secretly quite pleased with it too! I was so thrilled when my neighbour asked me if I wanted the frame on the right, and I had the mirror frame on the left in the shed. They came together perfectly.

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