Friday Finds – Frames, Suitcase and Mirrors

I’m really excited about my latest thrift store finds. I visited some different stores on the other side of town, and came home with some amazing items. It’s definitely a good idea to go to different locations now and then, instead of the same ones all the time. Although stock changes regularly, you can feel like you’re seeing the same old stuff week after week. So, what did I buy?

First up, I found a whole box of old pianola rolls for $5 each! I showed great restraint and only bought one. It’s in a gorgeous black box with a lovely vintage label at one end. The actual scroll is a work of art, with a lovely label, and aged colour. I haven’t quite decided what to do with it yet, but rest assured I’ll let you know as soon as it finds a display to call home. In front of the scroll is a paper dress pattern I got for 50 cents. I love the colour, and I’m thinking of framing sections in vintage frames. I’ll be sure to post the finished product.

I love old mirrors, and I nearly squealed with excitement when I found these. A larger one with bevelled edges, and a smaller one that’s quite plain, but with cute little metal corners. They both have signs of ageing around the edges, which I love. Mirrors with some age behind them aren’t very common in thrift stores around here, so these were a lucky find. And they were bargains too. The small one only cost $1.50!

The large mirror has no picture wire on the back, so I am using it as a tray. At the moment it’s in the entrance hall, with flowers I received for Mother’s Day sitting on it.

I also picked up some cheap frames. I’m always on the lookout for frames. I have a craft project in mind that these will be perfect for. Watch this space! These have a vintage feel with chipped and faded gold paint.

I was also lucky enough to find a small vintage suitcase. I love these and I very rarely see them. I’m thinking I’ll use it to store craft supplies in. Here’s a detail of it with my jewellery box sitting on it. This sweet little stack is on my dressing table.
A very successful day of thrifting I think! I’ll keep you posted on what I plan to do with these little lovelies. Have you found any thrifty treasures lately? I’d love to hear about them!


6 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Frames, Suitcase and Mirrors

  1. Score, that sweet little vintage suitcase looks like new! I’ve seen lamp shades made out of Vintage music rolls…not sure of the process but they made pretty wall designs when lit in the evening (thru the peirced paper), yours might be to nice to craft with though.

    • I think I may have to get another music roll. One to keep intact and one to cut up and create with. At $5 each I think it’s a good option. And as for the suitcase, it’s awesome! I never see them in thrift stores, so I consider myself very lucky!

  2. Great finds and wonderful photo’s. Those burgandy roses are divine!!! That music scroll is really special, I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Looking forward to seeing your dress pattern art too! šŸ™‚

    • My Sister in Law Shelly gave my those roses for Mother’s Day. They are called Mr Lincoln. I recognised the smell instantly because we had them growing where I lived as a child. Instant nostalgia! I’m considering getting more scrolls, they are really lovely. And I’m thinking up ideas for the dress pattern as we speak. I have a note book that I jot down every little idea I have for the blog in. Glad you like it Renea!

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