Colour Inspiration – Orange

Nothing screams “Retro” like the colour orange. Mix it with brown and you are right back in the 70’s. Orange is such a vibrant and happy colour, and it’s a pleasure to decorate with it. You don’t need much. Just a hint here and there can be enough to really lift a colour scheme. Or go full on and layer orange on orange for a crazy and fun effect. I’ve photographed some of my orange vintage and thrifty treasures, plus some of the amazing finds that reside at my Sister in Law’s house. Lets check them out.

I love this thrift store bed spread. It only cost a few dollars but I use it all over the house. Here it is being used on my bed. It looks great with my red bed side table and cushion. I also use it as a throw on the lounge, as a runner at the foot of the bed, as a tablecloth. Most of the time however, it lives on my son’s bed.

Vintage and thrift store fabrics are gorgeous, and these orange scarves are no exception. Tie one in a bow on the handle of a handbag, wear around your neck or in your hair, use as a table runner or tablecloth, tie onto cushions, or throw over a bedhead. Such a versatile and easy way to add colour.

Cushions are a cheap and easy way to add orange. These were sourced from IKEA, and other department stores. Of course you could make your own cushion covers from vintage and thrifted fabrics for a unique look. I usually decorate with orange in the cooler months. It helps to create a warm feel.

This stunning retro lamp casts a lovely orange pool of light. What a lucky thrift store find!

Colour blocking book spines is an easy way to bring orange into your colour scheme. Nothing makes my heart sing more than a neat stack of penguin paperbacks! Play around with objects, here a rubik’s cube looks right at home with a pile of books and a glass vase. Orange looks terrific with blue. This bookcase was a side of the road find.

Artwork is another easy and cheap way to introduce colour. The framed pictures are greeting cards, placed into cheap department store frames. You could also frame wrapping paper, or children’s drawings. Give them some orange paint or crayons and let them create a masterpiece.

Glorious 70’s crockery is easy to find in thrift stores, and adds a pop of colour to the table. Mismatch a whole setting for a quirky look. Either stick to the same era, or just a wildly mix patterns and styles.

Don’t forget the easiest way to add colour is with fruit and flowers. A bowl of mandarins, oranges, cumquats, or persimmons will add an instant pop of colour to the kitchen bench. I picked these flowers from my garden. They look nice in a display with my thrift store trophy and blackboard. Instant colour and free!

Great examples of orange furniture. Bar stools and a foot stool.

A cluster of orange items looks great on a simple white painted timber table.

Here’s a stack of books I picked up for next to nothing at a thrift store being used as a little pedestal for a blue glass bowl. I love these colours together.

And finally, orange looks amazing with hot pink. As you can see I love orange. It works with many colours, and adds a great pop of retro colour to a room. Do you decorate with orange? Maybe start with an orange flower in a jar and see where the mood takes you!


9 thoughts on “Colour Inspiration – Orange

  1. OMG! I lurv your orange footstool. That is my kind of vintage!! Orange is so hot and great to decorate with. Although I do love my red couch… πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Kelly. I wish I could say the footstool was mine, but it belongs to my Sister in Law. I think I may have to suggest joint custody! You could definitely use orange and red together. I have the two colours in my lounge room at the moment and I think it looks pretty cool.

  2. Love this post Sam! The lamp reminds me of a beautiful Orange glazed lamp I snapped up for $10 from a market. Unfortunately Ruby (who was only about 5 or 6 at the time) knocked it off the table and it smashed. I enjoyed it while I had it!
    I love the scarf ideas too! The blue really does look fabulous with the orange! love,love! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • I think orange and blue work so well together because they are on opposite sides of the colour wheel. The lamp lives at my Sister in Law’s house. It’s huge and fabulous, and oh so 70’s. Shame about your lamp. You will just have to keep your eyes peeled for another one!
      Thanks for the feedback Renea!

      • Lucky you that you and your Sister Inlaw can share the joy! Fun when like minded friends can be on the look out for cool stuff for each other. Thanks for the visits and nice comments too.

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