Friday Finds – Needlepoint and Cheese Dome

I got this very random collection of items from a thrift store recently. A small glass plate for 50 cents, a glass cheese dome for $5.99, and a framed needlepoint picture for $5. At first glance they look pretty ordinary, but that’s the thing about thrift store treasures – you need to be able to see the potential. I set myself a challenge. How could I turn these items into a stylish display for my home without spending a fortune?

Here they are, just waiting for a revamp. First up I got rid of the wooden cheese board. I was only interested in the dome. I love those gorgeous Victorian glass domes with the taxidermied birds, or butterflies displayed in them. I wanted a similar look, but without the wildlife! I dismantled the frame and took out the needlepoint. I spray painted both the frame and the mat board white. Then I created some art with old dictionary pages glued to the backboard with spray glue, and a handful of buttons glued on the pages in a cluster with a hot glue gun. Every home should have a hot glue gun! You could use mixed colours, but I stuck with lime green.

Here’s the finished display. I put some repurposed medicine bottles under the dome, and some green fruit on the crystal dish to pick up the colours in the art work. I added my little market find framed butterfly as a nod to the Victorian glass dome displays. You could substitute any colour. Maybe red buttons with a red apple, or multi coloured buttons with a little plate full of marbles.
Just look around and see what you already have. You may have similar items just waiting to be reinvented and loved once more.


7 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Needlepoint and Cheese Dome

  1. Now that’s vision!!! I seriously need to start thinking outside of the square. You’re helping! πŸ™‚ The dome is a wonderful idea and of course i love your dictionary page/button art. It’s funny, I have a glue gun in the cupboard somewhere, I haven’t had it out in years! Glad I didn’t throw it out!

  2. Hi There, so I finally got five minutes spare to check out your blog – It’s fabulous!!! I am regretting not checking in sooner. You have such a creative flare and eye for detail. Looking forward to following your decorative adventures!! I love your crates too – I have a few crate collections too… Love it!! Kel (katchkelly) xxx

    • Hey there! So glad to see you stopped by! Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I really enjoy writing this blog. It’s the creative outlet I’ve been missing. I’m a bit of a frustrated interior decorator, just without the budget!

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