Colour Inspiration – Turquoise

My love affair with turquoise started recently, when I saw in a shop window a row of glorious vintage Indian cinema seats, painted in the most luscious chipped, peeling turquoise paint. I instantly wanted them of course, but they were way out of my budget. Naturally I started thinking about how I could bring this colour into my house. One tin of paint later………….

Here’s the amazing chairs looking beautiful in the shop window. I love the fabric hanging behind them too.

More inspiration. This vintage metal cabinet I found in a second hand store was $400! A little bit above my budget, but totally glorious!

Here’s one of my six dining chairs that I painted and gave a distressed finish. They were brown, with matt silver legs. Now after a couple of coats of turquoise paint and some distressing with a paint scraper, they look much more fabulous. Stay tuned for a future blog post on this craft project.

I scored a pair of these lamps from a thrift store recently for only $4 each! They have a marble stand and ornate gold base, with a turquoise lampshade in my favourite vintage shape. I have put one in the lounge room and it looks great with all the red and mint green on my art wall. Another way of introducing turquoise is with books. A stack of books with turquoise spines is an easy way of adding colour to a display.

I framed a tiny post card in a cheap department store frame to add a pop of turquoise to the wall.

Turquoise looks amazing with orange. A scarf and framed card in orange work well with the turquoise books, although they look a bit blue in the photo! You could also try pale pink, or bright yellow.

These thrift store crates painted turquoise look very colourful filled with craft supplies.

Just a little splash of colour, like this cotton reel, is all I needed to highlight the lamp shade.

And of course it works with black and white. But then every colour works with black and white! My painted chair looks cool next to this graphic black and white vintage style canvas, a half price bargain. Do you like turquoise? Could you add some to your colour scheme? I’d love to hear your feedback.


8 thoughts on “Colour Inspiration – Turquoise

  1. Turquoise and orange are so beautiful together- I love the energy this combo creates. My son’s bedroom has a bit of a turquoise and orange/red colour scheme happening, I think it looks fab 🙂

  2. I have to say I love turquoise as much as I love orange (can not wait for that blog post!!) I actually think turquoise goes with any colour!! I also want to say i have become a big fan of your idea of matching book spine colours. Again, such a simple idea with a huge effect. I’ve gone through all my books like a crazy woman arranging spines and raising things up on books with matching spines haha.

    • I can just imagine you tearing the house apart and rearranging it according to colour. Trust me, I do it all the time! I figure we all have books, so they are the ultimate, free, decorating tool. I think they make nice little platforms for vases, ornaments etc. I am planning a blog post on how to style your bookcase. I’ll make sure I keep you informed! X

    • Thanks Jess. I didn’t have very many turquoise things to photograph, even though I love the colour. But I figured the spirit of this blog is to use what you have as well as what you find in thrift stores etc. I’m trying to see everything and anything as display potential!

  3. Aqua is my go to color. It mixes well with absolutely every color in the rainbow. I guess it’s my neutral. I bet you can’t wait to plan your next dinner party….those chairs are gorgeous!

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