Buttons are one of my favourite thrift store finds. Cheap, colourful, cheerful, and did I mention cheap? I recently got a whole bag of buttons for only 20 cents. The possibilities for button crafts are endless, so I’ve created a few easy projects to help display your little button treasures.

This pretty selection of buttons have simply been placed into an inexpensive frame. the backing board holds them in place, but a bit of spray glue would secure them if need be.

This art work would be perfect displayed in a baby girl’s nursery. Imagine how gorgeous it would look with pale blue, cream and tortoiseshell buttons in a little boy’s room. Here I have displayed it with my daughter’s first shoes and a thrift store vase, filled with flowers I “borrowed” from the hardware store carpark.

A little scatter of buttons adds colour and texture to a simple display.

Here’s an inexpensive thrift store frame makeover, with buttons glued to old yellowing dictionary pages. Simple but very effective. More about this craft project in an up and coming Friday Finds.

I’ve sewn red buttons onto this cheap IKEA cushion for a splash of colour. Of course, choose the colour to match your decor. You could use contrasting fabric and buttons, or similar tones.

I glued eight buttons with similar colours onto a label a bought for 20 cents at a newsagent. I tied on a short piece of string, then framed it in a simple inexpensive frame. I think it looks lovely displayed with a small bottle filled with buttons, and my fabulous thrift store trophy.

Doesn’t this selection of button art look gorgeous in my Daughter Sydnee’s room. Imagine how lovely it would be to save buttons from your children’s first outfits, and display them in this way. All of these were super quick and easy to make, in cheap frames, and the end result looks great.

Truly the quickest, easiest art ever. It took me about one minute to glue buttons onto a piece of white paper, then draw stems and leaves with black pen. Once framed, this looks really sweet. Even kids could do this, in fact it would probably look even better if kids did it!

There are so many other fabulous things to do with buttons, I may need to save them for another day. But this is a start. Raid the sewing box, check out the thrift stores, buy new if you must, but get started. A whole world of glorious button art awaits!


3 thoughts on “Buttons

  1. Love your framed buttons!! What a gorgeous idea. I have to say I’m just loving the whole book pages/newspaper background for faming. so effective adn such a unique vintage feel. It’s become a favourite for me!

    • Thanks Renea. I love the way that art looks too. I’ve got a little dictionary that has half it’s pages removed and made into art! It’s so easy and you can create any look you want. Maybe I should write a whole blog post on what to do with vintage newspaper and book pages. That’s got my brain whirring into action!

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