Creative Crates

Theres’s something about crates that I just love. They have a kind of industrial feel, and they provide great storage opportunities. Today I thought I’d show you some of the crates I’ve picked up from thrift stores and markets for next to nothing, and how I’ve customised them to work with my decor.

These little wooden crates from the thrift store only cost me between $1 and $2 each. Nice simple shapes, but crying out for a makeover. I painted the largest one with gloss red spray paint, and the three smaller ones with semi gloss acrylic paint in mint green.

The large red crate looks great holding cookbooks in the kitchen. You could also use a crate to store potatoes, a stack of tea towels, or bottles of oil and vinegar.

Doesn’t this red crate look fabulous holding some of my vast collection of magazines! This would be great beside a chair in the lounge room, just waiting for those quiet times when you can sit and have a bit of a read. You can also attach castors to the bottom of the crate so it is easily moved.

This rustic little crate was found at a market, and makes a perfect dumping spot in the entrance hall for keys, sunglasses and loose change. I lined the bottom of the crate with vintage style wrapping paper to add interest.

These amazing old crates used to hold explosives! I picked them up at a market for a bargain price. Here they are holding our collection of vinyl.

Painted in a lovely pastel colour, these crates made a wonderful display in my daughter’s room. I got the gorgeous wooden rainbow puzzle from a thrift store for only $3. These would also be great for holding little bits and pieces like pencils and crayons, ribbons and hair clips. You could try painting them in different colours. Pale pink, white and lavender would look beautiful in a little girl’s room. Maybe red, white and blue for a boy.

A stack of crates makes a lovely side table. I think the rustic wood works nicely with my wooden mirror frame bed head. You can also stack several crates on their sides to make a bookshelf or interesting shelving unit. Or try mounting them to the wall with brackets as shadow box style display shelves. Imagine how they would look with a bright pop of colour painted only on the inside of the crate. Have you got any crates lying around in the shed? Perhaps it’s time they came inside and had a second chance.


4 thoughts on “Creative Crates

  1. I loooove your crates! My first thought was that I’ve never come across any before but to be honest, i’ve never been looking for them.Things just changed! Love all the idea’s in this post!

    • The vintage crates are a bit harder to track down. I found them at a market and made a deal with the stall holder. I nearly bought some more today, but I resisted. The little crates pop up fairly regularly in op shops, and they’re so cheap. They take two minutes to paint and look awesome I think. I was actually inspired by some crates I saw in a gift shop. They had vintage wall paper on the inside, gorgeous but expensive.

      • The wallpaper lined crates sound lovely! I’m sure you could whip up your own version cheaper and just as fabulous!

      • It’s almost impossible to find cool vintage wallpaper in op shops! you can get it on ebay, but that’s nowhere near as fun! I do plan to make a similar version though, of course!

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