Friday Finds – Spice Rack Style

Imagine my delight whilst scavenging through the hard rubbish collection recently at finding a spice rack! Who throws out a spice rack I ask you? Little wooden shelves filled with seven tiny, perfectly formed glass bottles with lovely barely there labels. Some of them still had spices in them. Needless to say they came home with me, saving them from a nasty fate in landfill. After a good wash, they were ready for display.

I think they have a bit of a science lab feel to them. Now, what to do with them?

One little spice jar looks lovely holding a lily, with an amber glass bottle for company, on the bathroom shelf.

Don’t they look cute perched on top of a stack of books? With colour matched spines of course. Everything is styled in my world!

All lined up with a different flower in each, they look really nice on the mantle in front of my art wall. They would also look great displayed like this on a sunny window sill so the glass catches the light.

Here they are displayed in a row like little soldiers, in front of a couple of bargain vintage frames then I have converted into blackboards. This sweet little display looks great on my painted cupboard.
A lucky side of the road freebie turned into cool decor, how fabulous is that! So keep an eye out, you never know what you may find!


5 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Spice Rack Style

    • That’s because I’m completely obsessive compulsive! I style everything, right down to how the fruit is arranged in the fruit bowl. Hmmm, must get a life! Ha ha!!! Thankyou though, I was totally excited when I found the spice jars!

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