Delightful Display

I don’t know about you but whenever I come home from thrift shopping, It’s always with a pile of random objects. Now I hate clutter, so how do I display all my new treasures, without ending up in a cluttered mess? First of all let me explain my rules. I have a one in one out policy. For every item I bring into the house, I donate an existing item to charity. This works in two ways. It helps stop me from drowning in possessions, and it also makes me think very hard before I purchase an item. I have to decide if it’s fabulous enough to sacrifice something I already own. I also try not to buy anything new. That way if I get tired of an item, I know it hasn’t cost me much from the thrift store, and I can move it on without too much fuss. Some things become very precious to me, and I keep them forever, others serve their purpose quickly then move on to their new home.

When I bring a thrift store haul into the house, it usually triggers a total redecoration of the entire place! My fabulous sisters-in-law will back me up on this. They always comment that every time they come over every thing is different. It can be a challenge to create displays with random items, so here are a few ideas on how I like to do it.

This side board display has a bit of an industrial feel. The wooden crate was a market find, and would be great for throwing keys, phone, sunglasses etc in at the end of the day. The amber glass bottles look great with the lamp and the little crochet flower picks up the colour in the lamp shade. I like to decorate a side board with a tall display down one end and a single, usually flat piece down the other end.

In this shot you can see the home made art work with the red reindeer and dictionary pages. The small canvas was a $5 find. The hints of red tie the items together. I usually have odd numbers of items together, starting with tall at the back and zig zagging forward with smaller items.

I’ve gone for a typography theme on this sideboard. The label on the gin bottle works well with all the lettering. The small wooden letters were inexpensive, and I love eye charts! This metal one was bought new but is made to have an aged effect. The art works on the wall are from a set bought at IKEA. I strayed from the formula a bit in this one and used a cluster of items at both ends of the side board, but one is still larger than the other.

I’ve used a lamp for height again in this display, with a framed post card and market find framed butterfly in the back ground. The clear vintage medicine bottles were a market find, and the amber glass cube vase was a thrift store find. The leaves in the bottles pick up the green in the artwork.

Mainly graphic black and white, this display again uses typographical elements and the striped vase ties in with that. The red crochet flower picks up the colour of the vintage lamp shade.

You don’t need a lamp to add height. Here, a piece of framed wrapping paper provides the backdrop. On an amber glass thrift store plate are repurposed herbal medicine bottles. The red flowers highlight the splashes of red in the artwork, and the vintage trophy adds an interesting contrast.

This is a more feminine display, although there’s no pink to be seen. The metal tray was a lucky road side find. I made the small blackboard with a $2 vintage frame and some blackboard paint. The water bottle and white thrift store bargain tea light holder display white roses. They are on a 50 cent doily, embroidered with red flowers, which gives a touch of girly glamour. I rarely use just one hit of colour. I usually have a large coloured item (lamp shade) plus a couple of smaller splashes (flowers on the doily and the apples). This balances the display. I have used my favourite colours here, but any colours can be used with success. I hope this helps you display all those fabulous thrift store finds. Don’t hide them away, get them out and give them some loving!


11 thoughts on “Delightful Display

  1. This is super super super cute! Thrift shopping is the best for random and cute knick knacks for decorating the home. Good post! x

  2. Gorgeous displays! I’m going to be busy this weekend! I love your one in one out policy; very sensible.

    • Thanks Renea. I read an amazing book at the end of last year called “the 100 thing challenge” The author pared down his possessions to 100 items and lived like that for a year. It was a very inspiring book and I decided to make it part of my new year mission statement (a resolution wouldn’t do, I’ll tell you about it some time) that stuff doesn’t make you happy, and to live simply. So I donated about ten station wagon boot loads of stuff to charity, and threw out mountains of junk. It feels really freeing, and has made me even more creative. I have to use what I have instead of just buying it new. Hence the one in, one out policy.

  3. I am gob smacked at your tallent. Every idea is so fresh and has a sence of happy. Love, Love, Love, ALL of them. When are you coming to make over my place?

  4. That sounds like an amazing book! I’m going to see if I can get a copy. I am in desperate need of a clean out and that sounds like it might be the perfect motivator!

    p.s everyone knows that resolutions don’t work although you sound like you have something interesting to say about that so would love to hear it sometime!

    • I’ve lent it to my Brother in Law, so I can’t remember the author’s name. I’m pretty sure he has a massive following and a website though. Maybe if you google the 100 thing challenge. It’s a very inspiring book.

      • I bought it!! Have to wait for it to come from the US but it only cost me $13.45! Looking forward to reading it.

      • Nice! It made me think about what I actually need on a day to day basis. Not much really. It’s actually really satisfying to have a massive clean out, then live with less.

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