Colour Inspiration – Red

I think it’s pretty obvious I love red. I therefore had no trouble photographing today’s colour of choice. Red looks great with an otherwise monochromatic scheme. It adds a real energy to a room and you don’t need a lot to create impact. It also works well with last weeks colour, mint green. I’ve got some great red vintage finds, and some cheap finds and revamps that I love to have on display in my home.

I have painted a lot of furniture, both pieces I already owned and thrift store finds. The desk was a cheap thrift store find that started life with a golden pine faux wood finish. With a coat of gloss red and some new handles, it looks great. Same with the wooden cupboard. It was dark brown, but not any more. Now it looks amazing as a bed side table. Books look great when you colour block the spines, then display them in a pile, with an ornament on top. And of course my cheap and cheerful art. Old dictionary pages glued to the backing board of a frame, with a felt reindeer from IKEA glued on top. Easy but effective.

The red polkadot fabric was a cheap off cut that I stapled onto a large square canvas. Now it hangs in front of my ugly air conditioner on the wall, disguising it until I need to use it. The red child’s chair is one of four that I have found on the side of the road. Here it is sitting on my bedroom sideboard displaying my jewellery box. The fancy lampshade was a cheap thrift store treasure. It was a mushroom pink when I bought it. I just got out my two year old daughter’s red acrylic paint and gave it the once over. Look at it now! Perfect. And the floral fabric is a thrift store skirt that only cost me $5. I like to wear thrift store clothing as well as buy things for the home.

Buttons are lovely, and I plan to write about button projects for the home very soon. A little scatter of buttons can really lift a display. The doily has a splash or red and I made the crochet flower myself. I’ve just learnt how to crochet and I love it! The cushions at the front and back were cheapies from department stores, the one in the middle with the cross was half price. Fabulous. And another example of home made art, this time with a drawing of a fish by my wonderfully talented husband.

Here are some examples of red looking great with mint green, and adding a jolt of colour to a plain colour scheme. What do you think? Could you incorporate a little red into your home?


6 thoughts on “Colour Inspiration – Red

  1. Great photo’s and ideas Sam! You really have encouraged me to look at red differently. I guess I’ve baulked at using it before because it’s such a bold colour, but now I can see how it can really lift a room and I’m not afraid to mix it with colours I wouldn’t have thought to! In fact I bought a couple of red pillowcases from Target the other day (30% off of course! ) and paired them with my white and green bedding! I love it! While I was in target I also grabbed a couple of red corded, velvet cushions for $9 each and threw them on my blue lounge with some boring neutral coloured cushions I have. Instant transformation!
    Keep ’em coming.

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