Reader Request

I have had my first Reader request. One of my fabulous readers has some old cinema film that she would like to do something with. Now, I don’t have a massive pile of film to work with, but I can show you a couple of ideas that may inspire.

I stuck some strips of film into a frame with the back removed to allow the light to shine through. I think it would also work stuck onto a plain white canvas. Leaning casually against a wall or on the mantle with a light source shining behind brings out the images and colours, and looks great. As the light source, you could buy a cheap thrift store lamp, remove the lamp shade then use a very low wattage light globe. I think a cluster of frames would work well. Imagine how great this would look made with lots of colour slides, all in neat rows in a frame. Gorgeous! I also placed some film loosely in a glass jar. If you have a long length of film this would look great, without having to cut it up. This is just a cheap discount store jar but I think the look is very effective.

Look at how great the film looks in this big old jar. With a handful of random objects arranged together, the film adds an unusual twist. I don’t know how flammable film is, but I think this would look amazing with tiny fairy lights in the jar. I hope this inspires some creativity and shows you that you really can display just about anything!


6 thoughts on “Reader Request

  1. You are a genius!!!! I honestly had no idea what to do with it but I was feeling a little sentimental about the fact that this kind of film will soon be obsolete in cinemas and new that it would look great with some kind of backlighting if displayed the right way! I have a fabulous old milk jar that i think would look great with some of the film in it and I just love your frame ideas.
    I’m super excited and I can’t believe how quickly you came up with this! I’m hopeless without direction. Haha X

  2. That’s cool Sam! the frame actually looks like a mini light box!

    How cool would it look if you did that with 35mm slide film too!

    [Can I have more exclamation points?!!!!]

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