Free and Easy

What I have for you today is possibly the easiest thing you will ever do, ever! Don’t throw those empty jars of food into the recycling bin. Turn them into a beautiful collection of vases. The instructions can be summed up in four words – soak labels off jars. There you have it. So simple, but look at the results. Each jar holds a flower picked from the garden. I used a selection if different blooms for an eclectic look, but you could use all the same type, or just interesting foliage.

Imagine how gorgeous about ten or so would look lined up down the middle of the dining table, all odd shapes and sizes. Or lined up on the mantlepiece. Or clustered in an empty fireplace with candles in them.

Free, easy, creative, beautiful. The ideal craft project when your budget is zero!


7 thoughts on “Free and Easy

  1. You really have an eye for this!! I’m relying on you heavily!! haha. What a simple and sweet idea. So effective.

  2. Sam, this is so strange… I did EXACTLY this today… and I thought I’d have a look at your blog for inspiration about empty jars… I am rather freaked out!!! Hee hee! Your flowers are gorgeous! Like the candle idea, going to do that for sure! X

    • Wow! That’s freaky! I’d love to see a photo of your recycled jar masterpiece! Instagram maybe? I picked the flowers from my garden, but when I don’t have any I go for a little stroll around the neighbourhood and see what I can “borrow” I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog!

  3. This is my favourite way to display flowers. Ever.

    I am saving up for a collection of mason jars – with handles. But for now, old vegemite jars and Dana’s korean energy drink bottles will suffice!

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