Magazine Inspiration

I love reading home decorating magazines. They are great for inspiration. I like to see what’s available in the shops, and see what’s big in interior trends. I don’t follow the trends, but I love to read the magazines and gain ideas like how to display items, what colours work with what, how to arrange furniture, hanging art, and lighting ideas among other things. Sometimes I turn the page to find an amazing display that I just love. My brain starts whirring – how can I make this look my own without spending a fortune? It’s just a matter of working out what it is about the image I like, and what I already have that I can use to replicate it.

This page is from the May 2012 copy of Home Beautiful. I love the combination of the dark wood with the amber glass bottles and green foliage. I also like the natural elements of the bag and string. How can I make this look happen in my house?

I love dark wooden furniture and already have lots of it in my house. The bottles are vitamin bottles with the labels soaked off. I grabbed the largest leaves I had growing in the garden and placed one in each bottle. The amber glass plate was a bargain thrift shop find. The calico shopping bag and string picks up on the natural colours and textures represented in the magazine. The string was a lovely ball shape, until my Daughter Sydnee grabbed it when I wasn’t looking and completely destroyed it. But you get the idea! I think this picks up on the character of the magazine spread, but with a thrifty twist.


6 thoughts on “Magazine Inspiration

  1. I always look in home magazines and drool; yet again you have me thinking differently!! I always look and dream. It’s really all about thinking outside the square! I love that Sydnee added her own personal touch to your display, haha!! I’m going to re-look at my mags 🙂

    • I’m so glad you liked it Renea. I was really unsure if I should post this one or not. I think once you work out what it is you like in a magazine display, you can usually get the look at home with things you already have. Would you enjoy more of these posts? I like the idea of finding different magazine pages then interpreting them in vintage style.Thanks for your feedback.

  2. I love that image!

    Your photo actually looks straight out of a magazine! Look at all that lovely light!

    I always look at photos in a post before actually reading the text, and I did think it a little strange at first – the fact that you had a plate of spaghetti out on display. haha!

    But don’t worry, I read the words, and now the world makes sense.

    Great post Sam.

    • Ha ha! It does look like spaghetti! I figured I could just buy more string from the shops, but no, I just went with the tangled mess! I’ve discovered the kitchen has good light when I’m photographing things at night. Mind you, a quick tweak on lightroom helps!

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