Friday Finds – Tiny Chair and Trophy

I’m so excited about my latest thrift store finds. My first find was a cute little wooden child’s chair. The star shaped cut outs on the back rest give it real charm. It was only $1, which is such a bargain! Now, I have a child so it will be used as a chair. But it also makes a great display item. Next, an Italian orange floral scarf, which I plan to use as a table runner. Orange just screams “vintage” in my opinion, and it was also really inexpensive. I was lucky enough to find two brand new votive candle holders for only $2.99 each. They come from Country Road, whose homewares I love, and they still had the labels and original tea light candles inside. The little black and white striped pot was only $1, and as I love stripes I just had to have it. I found a bag of buttons, in beautiful pale colours, for only 20 cents, and finally the trophy. Such a lucky find. Only $4, it’s silver with engraving that reads “Anzac Day, 1939, L J Peterson, Member of the 27th Btn, Winning Platoon.” I love it for it’s nostalgia, as well as it’s display potential.

My new finds look lovely displayed here on my little mint green cupboard, with a $1 thrift store frame on the wall. I think mint green works really well with the orange scarf. Chairs need not be used just for sitting, they also make great display items, side tables, magazine racks, etc.

I think these items look fabulous together due to their contrasting shapes and textures. A very eclectic display. I like to display objects in odd numbers, and I especially like groups of three, all at differing heights.

The little chair looks right at home in my daughter Sydnee’s room, with her favourite red shoes and polka dot suitcase. A very successful thrift shopping trip indeed!


6 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Tiny Chair and Trophy

  1. Great finds! The chair is fab! I can’t believe it was $1!!! Love the scarf and agree orange indeed screams vintage! I will be taking a closer look in the op shops tomorrow! Can’t wait!

    • Good luck op shopping! I was super excited about the chair bargain. I got a few other vintage gems in the last couple of weeks, but I’m saving them for other blog posts. Stay tuned for future friday finds! ha ha!

      • Haha great! I’m looking at all my stuff differently. I have 3 old chairs in my bedroom. They are a, sort of, washed out avocado green. One is my bedside table (with the dark framed mirror on it) the other two have books stacked on them. I think the need a make over! 😉

  2. I will for sure. I’ve made my cake plates and I will take photos in the morning – I’m off my face from the glue! I’m really pleased with them. I’m also excited because the picnic basket I bought had a section of newspaper folded in there just randomly. It’s from 1977 and it’s the Sun Herald so nice and big. I’m going to use it to make something inspired from your first post 🙂 I’m outta control. Haha

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