Kid Art

I have two children, therefore I have an endless supply of art. I love kid art. It’s so creative and expressive, and children are not self conscious at all when it comes to their art. They create for the sheer joy of it. But what to do with the mountains of art that start to pile up? I’ve got a few ideas for decorating with and using kid art. But what if you don’t have a child handy? I suggest borrowing one, handing them paint and paper, and letting them run wild.

A long roll of paper from IKEA is perfect for this project. Simply clip a length of art with a wooden skirt hanger and hang on the wall.

A large piece of art makes a wonderfully unique bed head. I just stuck it to the wall with blu tac. The colours in the handprints work really well with my side of the road find bed side table and the small red cushion. You could also use multiple pictures stuck to the wall in a rectangle.

Even baby scribble can be elevated to high art status when placed in a frame. These pictures were drawn by my kids on the plane trip home from our first family holiday. They are a lovely memento of a special time.

Encourage your child to be creative by displaying art in their bedroom. Give them paint that matches their decor and the results will be perfect.

And finally, what Grandparent wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a gift wrapped with hand painted Grandchild art? I hope this inspires you to use the little masterpieces you have lying around the house.


6 thoughts on “Kid Art

  1. I love this post Sam! It’s probably my favourite so far.

    Even I would love a present wrapped in grandchild art! lol.

    You are the most artistically thrifty and resourceful person I know. When the day actually comes, will you help me decorate my home??

    xx jessica

  2. really love these ideas! Particularly like the bed head art and the ikea paper roll!! I have a wall of unframed ‘kid art’ that could do with a bit more lovin’ care! I’m keen!

  3. I love these ideas! especially the bed head art and the ikea paper roll. I have a whole wall of ‘kid art’ that could do with a spruce up and some lovin’ care. I’m keen!

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