Colour Inspiration – Mint

Mint green is a gentle, soft colour that works beautifully in a vintage scheme. It is perfect teamed with red, and also looks lovely with other pastels such as pale pink, perfect for a little girls room. Or perhaps with chocolate brown for a boys room. I have acquired a few mint green finds from the side of the road and from thrift stores recently, and I’ve also been customising some of my existing pieces with a coat of mint green paint.

The little shot glass was given to me by a lovely stall holder at a market recently after a bought a set of amber drinking glasses from her. The vase was included in a bag of goodies I bought from a thrift store for $2. I wouldn’t have bought it on it’s own, but it works really well as part of a display of bottles on the cupboard I painted mint green. I found the little child’s chair on the side of the road. I now have four of then, all side of road finds!

This paint colour has been getting a real workout in my house. I painted my dining table with it then gave it an aged effect by roughing it up with some sandpaper. The table runner was a thrift store scarf that’s now been reinvented. Mint green, so fabulous! What do you think of this colour? Do you have any in your decor? I’d love to hear from you.


15 thoughts on “Colour Inspiration – Mint

  1. Hi! Me again! Haha. You know I’m going to comment on every post right?
    I love the colour it is classic vintage. I really love ceramics in this shade. I actually have a bit of a jug fetish (oh boy that sounds wrong! Haha!) gravy boats, milk jugs, cream jugs! Love them. I have a few in this colour (just instagramed them!)
    You’ve just planted an idea! I have a lovely old timber framed mirror in my bedroom. It’s a really dark brown, this colour would suit perfectly! :):)

    • Glad you like it Renea. I’m thinking about featuring a different colour each week. Make sure you take before and after shots of the mirror makeover (of course you will!) Maybe I could feature it here. I have a mirror frame I’m thinking about painting mint green too.

  2. Seafoamy minty green is my absolute favourite colour.

    I actually possess a killer nailpolish, and about three or four vintage frocks in this fantastic shade.

    I would ADORE a collection of smeg kitchen appliances in mint green. Wouldn’t that be delicious?!!

    Starting with this one here! I’d only need about $2500 – $4000 to spare and it’d be all mine (muahahaha)!

    lovely post, yet again Sam.

    Also, I’d like to point out that that amber dish with the red grapes on it is *identical* to a cake stand I own! (Except, obviously, my dish has a small stand attached to the bottom.)

    xx jessica

    • Next week when I feature another colour, I’ll have to see if you have anything I can photograph. I would love to have included your dresses! And I dream of magnificent Smeg appliances in my glorious converted warehouse. I live in hope!

      • Don’t worry Sam, there will come a day!!

        OH (bestideaeverrr), well, we wouldn’t need NINE bedrooms if we shared a big old warehouse! There’s a thought.

        I do fear though, that if Dave is as resistant to chickens as he claims to be, a family warehouse may be a little out of the question.

        However, I live in hope also!


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