Delightful Desk

My nasty white melamine computer desk just wasn’t working for me. How can I be inspired to create at a desk that’s just boring? So, I set out on a hunt to find the perfect desk. Not in normal retail shops however. No, that just wouldn’t do! I checked out all the thrift stores in the area until I found “the one”. Perfect size, perfect shape, with lovely shapely legs. The colour however, was not ok. A faux pine finish that would never work in my aesthetic. Hello red gloss spray paint. With a few coats of paint, and some new knobs for the drawer, this desk had earned it’s spot as blogging and crafting central.

I think I made the right choice. This piece of furniture has been reborn into something cool and stylish. Of course any colour could be substituted for red. Instead of gloss a matt, aged effect could be achieved by distressing the edges with some sandpaper. Just match it to your decor for an instant office upgrade. I’d love to hear your feedback on this idea and any ideas on my blog. Happy thrifting!


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