Cake Stands

Ok, I know every craft blog in the universe has this project. But I just love these so much I had to include it. Cake stands made from thrift store candle sticks and plates look really sweet, and are useful for all those high tea situations. Just glue the two pieces together with clear drying glue. I used silicone sealant. Don’t be limited to just glass. Ceramic and metal look great mixed up for a quirky look. Make sure you hand wash them just to be safe.

So there you have it. Now, sit back and admire the brilliance that is these cake stands. Perfect for all your cupcake and Easter egg holding needs. I’ve made four so far and I plan to make many more, because lets face it, food just looks much more classy when it’s elevated!

4 thoughts on “Cake Stands

  1. Oh. I left a reply earlier. Maybe I forgot to press post! Anyway, what I said was that I loved the idea of metal and ceramic together! It’s on my op shop list!

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