Industrial Illumination

I like a bit of an industrial feel to my decor. Old metal signage, oversized letters, a bit of chipped paint and rust here and there. I think it adds a wonderful vintage feel without being too girly. I decided to give an old lamp shade an industrial inspired makeover using some red spray paint (my best friend!). I picked up a $2 lampshade from a vintage store. The fabric wasn’t important, just the shape of the frame. Then it was just a matter of ripping of the fabric, spray painting the frame gloss red, then attaching it to a cheap department store base.

My apologies for the slightly soft focus main picture. The finished lamp casts amazing shadows on the wall and looks good turned on or off. Imagine how it would look in other colours, hot pink for a girls room, or turquoise blue. Or with a super ornate thrift store lamp base painted the same colour! So many ideas! Watch this space.


2 thoughts on “Industrial Illumination

  1. Great! I’m a big fan of these and totally agree that flaking paint and a bit of rust adds that special loved up look! You’ve got me hooked Sam, loving it 🙂

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