Bedspread Beauty

There’s just something about vintage fabric. Crazy colour combinations, over the top patterns, they just don’t make ’em like that anymore. I found a couple of old bedspreads and a sheet set recently in my local thrift store, one of them was even half price! Naturally they had to come home with me. Now, I love dressing my bed, there are so many options. What colour goes with what? A mountain of cushions or just one or two?  So I thought I’d share with you some ways to make vintage work in the bedroom! My bedroom features lots of thrift store and found items, let me talk you through them. The bedside table on the left was a lucky road side find. I spray painted it red and now it looks great. The bedside table on the right used to be brown. Again, a coat of red spray paint and it’s looking fine. The lamp bases were cheapies from a department store. The lampshades were $2 thrift store gems. I made the bedhead from two old wooden mirror frames, one of them came from the neighbour’s shed!

The bottom right hand corner shows the bed before it’s vintage makeover. I used a plain white quilt cover because it’s a blank canvas for whatever colour accessories I fancy. I used the gold quilt cover over the whole bed, then as a runner at the foot of the bed, with white European pillows and extra cushions.

This orange bedspread is a favorite. Here I covered the whole bed, used it as a runner from head to toe, and used it up the top of the bed under the cushions. Again I changed around the combination of pillows and cushions, keeping within the theme of black, white, red and orange. The artwork is a large canvas I covered with cheap polka dot cotton fabric.

This is a more girly look using a floral sheet. The lamp is again a cheap base with a thrift store shade. I think the soft colours still work well with a pop of red. I love red!  I changed the artwork here to one with pale pink tones. So raid your collection of fabrics and cushions, and create a bed time masterpiece! I welcome your comments and suggestions.


2 thoughts on “Bedspread Beauty

  1. Wow! Great ideas here! Your bed head is genius!!! I might have to start a list so that I can refer to it when I’m around the op shops and such! Inspirational indeed. 

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