Hello there! Welcome to my first ever blog post. Today’s creative idea is making your own works of art using thrift store frames, and pages torn from an old book.This one I made from pages of a dictionary, spray glued to the backing board of an old frame. My husband drew the picture of a fish for me, which I then cut out and spray glued onto the pages. just pick out an image you love. I have made several of these, and they look great leaning casually against a wall. The piece shown on the art wall is made with a felt reindeer. It is accompanied by lots of other home made art works. More about those and the amber glass bottles later. Raid your local thrift store for quirky frames and an old book  – faded or yellowing pages are ideal, or repurpose what you already own. You can also use items like old keys, buttons, stamps etc, instead of art. The possibilities are endless. Now, go forth and create!

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